Because most of the ones I see are are terrible, everyone else reviews movies, and I have not mastered the spoiler alert. On top of those reasons, movie reviews are outside the scope of askyermom, except during Diversions and Drivel Week.

Unfortunately, that’s this week!!

As long as we’re discussing it, “Crimson Peak” was a welcome diversion this weekend. It is not for the squeamish, although it didn’t bother me, your sister squeamed a bit. There’s a fair amount of blood and other red goo, some stabby violence, some shovey violence and some smashy violence.

That stated, if you really want to see a pretty movie full of pretty people, and you think that you would enjoy seeing Jessica Chastain attack some porridge, and you would really like to see Tom Hiddleston get lots of kisses to his Hiddle-face, this is an excellent choice.

The other bonus is that it’s been out for a month so you’ll have a theater to yourself if you go very soon.

So Spoiler alert:


I nearly screamed, “Bobby, NO!!!” Because Supernatural’s Bobby gets violently, um, Chastained.

Other than that, enjoy!!

Notes: I did not fall asleep, I do not understand clay mining, and I don’t care.

Four stars for beauty.


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