Why should I pay attention to driving through puddles?

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As your brother can tell you, there are puddles and then there are puddles. A minor puddle can be hiding a massive pot hole or it might only splash nearby pedestrians, which is hilarious unless you are the pedestrian and trust me, one day you will be. Hahahahaha. Still hilarious.

billy_wilson on flickr
billy_wilson on flickr

Driving through moving water would be the worst sort of puddle problem and is strongly discouraged by mechanics and moms everywhere. Not only will you flirt with drowning, you will also flirt with drowning various parts of your car.

You understand enough about engines to know that they need air and electricity and both of these things are not compatible with large volumes of water.

Once the water is up to the undercarriage, even standing water is going to be a problem for your car.

People who drive into moving water either have a delusion or a very speedy and unexpected deluge. Don’t kid yourself that your car might be a boat just because you want it to get across a patch of water.

Unless you are in the Batmobile. Besides, If you are a Batperson, I can’t tell you what to do, anyway.


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