Why should I care where I put chewing gum?

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There’s a surprising amount of debate on whether or not chewing gum is biodegradable, for one thing.

Now that I’ve read more about it, I’m going to recommend a switch to the natural kind of gum, for my children who chew gum.

rahid1 photo – gum art Ben Wilson – CC on flickr

It’s just not that hard to put gum into a waste container, but for some reason, humans (including me) just don’t do it all the time. I have no idea if the companies who profit from gum chewing spend anything at all on gum removal, but it seems unlikely. It’s up to you to prevent gum disasters.

Next time you go to toss your gum on the ground, think about a puppy who could step in it. After the theoretical puppy steps in it, he would chew at it to get it off his paw and then get his face fur stuck to his gummy paw.

Full disclosure: that is why Rocket Man now has a terrible haircut–some human couldn’t be bothered to chew responsibly.

Don’t hurt puppies or ducklings with your garbage, even if you are a monster.


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