I should never have mentioned eating deer last night.

I thought if I called it “venison” that would be okay. Apparently, they heard me and took retribution on every leaf of the volunteer sunflowers in the yard. I had no idea their vocabulary was that good.

deer are assholes
deer are assholes

Oh, wait, they missed half a flower and a smattering of leaves. That must be because the dogs heard them fall off the wall at two in the morning. (Another mysterious dog explosion explained).

Anyway, people like to eat deer for the same reason people eat any animal: they are tasty. Any animal that is not delicious is a pet.

If you’re inclined to eat meat at all, wild game can have some appeal. It’s not going to have antibiotics or hormones added like factory meat. And isn’t it kind of nice to know that your dinner had a more authentic life?

Okay, maybe that’s gross. Sorry, meat!!

The downside to eating wild meat may prove to be the same lack of antibiotics and less human management. Deer can get a disease similar to Mad Cow Disease, and the implications of that aren’t clear yet.

I like a little risk on the side, though. It’s better than having 100% chance of drugs in your food.

5 Replies to “Why do people eat deer?”

  1. I was going to Like this post, but the button for that is missing, so I suppose I’ll have to say it in a comment:

    I Like this post. 😀

    Not sure I’ve ever eatten venison or that your rule about what doesn’t taste good is pets is true (some cultures do eat dogs and cats; some keep cows as pets).

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