How mad would Daddy be if I got my nose pierced? Hypothetically.

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It depends on the hypothetical circumstances.

He would be murderously angry if anyone forced you to have your nose pierced. That might be the story to run with, but you’ll have to figure out who you want to target with all that fury. Maybe the Taliban?

Also hypothetically, if your face becomes infected and you are disfigured, he’d possibly to angry enough not to pay for any corrective surgery.

gordonspictures on flickr
gordonspictures on flickr

Just kidding. He would totally pay, but you would never, ever, ever hear the end of it.

Then again, my ESP isn’t on today, so you could just ask him. It’s hypothetically possible that he wouldn’t be bothered at all.

I guess you’re assuming that I wouldn’t be mad. I wouldn’t be, but I like your nose the way it is.

If you’re going to go through with it, just make sure you are well-informed in advance.

The septum piercings are the only ones that can be easily concealed. Hypothetically.

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