Why wouldn’t you exercise? Or more precisely, what is keeping from being more active?

Most of us have been young and lazy and taken physical fitness for granted. Unless we are relentlessly athletic, there comes a day when we can no longer depend on our bodies to behave like perfectly tuned machines.

zabowski on flickr
zabowski on flickr

Maybe it’s because nature is through with us at that point. Muscles we never thought about hurt for no reason and other things start to get spooky. Nature is such a bitch.

So why aren’t you more active?

I’m so busy, there’s no time for exercise. Really? You can always find 15 minutes or even 30 to walk a dog. (That app you obsess over will be there when you get back). Take a break from homework and move around.

I don’t like to get sweaty. You don’t have to sweat to get some benefits from moving around. Try just stretching and challenging yourself to reach past your toes or making sure you can always extend to that stupid spot in the middle of your back. I’m pretty sure yoga originated from frustrations with things like that.

I don’t want anyone to see me working out. You can dance in the basement. The cats do not judge. Much. Twenty minutes is about six songs, so make a dancing queen play list. ABBA is totally optional.

Exercise is so boring. You may need to try something else, or recruit a workout buddy. Every morning I’m at the gym, I see two women who just walk in the pool and chat the entire time. What can be a lot less interesting than who do you do that what with.

I am lazy. Of course you are. Surges of laziness take over all of us at times, but laziness won’t get you anywhere you want to be. Why not be lazy when you’re sore from that awesome workout you had yesterday? Be lazy when you’re sleeping like a baby because of that fantastic hike you took through the woods. You get the idea: earn that lazy time.

At this point, I’m just nagging, so poke around and look for some inspiration. I’ll point you to Nerd Fitness, because even if they are a little conspiracy-heavy and paleo-bent, it’s a really fun site to monkey around in.

You have fewer years than you think to get ahead of the natural entropy that is coming for your flexibility and strength. Don’t wait to get more active. Why would you?

13 Replies to “Why should I exercise?”

  1. One common sentiment I’ve heard almost everywhere older men congregate to sweat is the wish they had started earlier in life. The only people you tend not to hear this from are those smug sods who did start earlier, they probably had more persuasive moms! It’s not just that it is far harder to achieve a level of fitness starting from “pillsbury doughboy” but also it’s far harder to actually build technique and avoid breaking things worse.

    I was seriously thinking about rowing camp for mine next year. Have you ever thought about setting up an “askyermom” camp?

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  2. For many long, cold Minnesota winters, my partner and I were on the spotted dog exercise program. When it’s 20 below, any sane person stays inside. Not us. The dog needed a walk. It wasn’t weight lifting, but it did keep us moving.

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  3. Great read! 🙂 I think I’m a little addicted to exercise, almost more than my morning coffee, with out it my day just doesn’t seem to go right. I coach on nutrition and fitness and I tell my girls 1 hour of exercise is ONLY 4% of your day, so if you can squeeze in a little 30 minute walk somewhere in there you’ve only spent 2% of your day “exercising”. And no need to sweat…. you can burn it up without pouring buckets. Great reminder to everyone. Keep it up! 🙂

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  4. This is a really motivational post. I must admit that I need to be exercising much more (as it helps me get through my anxiety). Yet sometimes I find reasons not to or simply forget, when really, I can’t afford not to exercise and practice getting through my anxiety.

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