How can I set a profile pic (on WordPress)?

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Hi Doremi!! Bok!!

Are you enjoying Croatia?

There are a few places you can change your picture on WordPress:

  • On WP Admin / Settings / General your Blog Picture or Icon can be added.
  • Click on the image at the upper right to change your “Gravatar” image
  • Edit your “About” page and add an image there

It looks like you have the Starbucks logo right now, so you might like this


My favorite avatar is this angry baby.

Anyway, I am happy to see you are working it out.

Držite se radosni bloganje !!

9 Replies to “How can I set a profile pic (on WordPress)?”

  1. Wow international and multilingual! Some of us are still working on english! Strangely I think I’ve drive through Galovac on the way back to Zadar and getting lost on the beach road. It’s a small world.


      1. I’m always here except when I’m on holidays and even then thanks to the wonders of free wifi and data roaming I’m mostly still here unless I’m in the sea.

        Croatia is lovely, well worth a visit although maybe a little far for you unless you made a thing of Europe. We went a couple of times driving from Budapest down through Slovenia. The first week was way too hot, like southern states hot and we are now almost fully acclimatized to living back in grey cold places. It’s an amazingly varied country and I kind of missed driving through it, parts of it are barren like the moon might be if it was sunnier and had a sea view. Great fish, great swimming and the best ice cream ever actually not far from Galovac in a place called Eva in Zadar. If you could reliably get a hot coffee it would be perfect!

        On a healthier note as I’m reliably informed that man cannot live on sladoled/fagyi/gelato alone. You need beer right? Croatian olive oil is way better than any of the others I’ve tried although not easy to bring home on a flight.

        I’m continuing to make progress with my language skills, I can now order an ice cream in nearly as many languages as I can order a beer. If I keep working on it they might even start understanding me in England.

        As this is the internet I now expect an Italian to pop up and complain about the suggestion that gelato is ice cream.

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  2. I’m impressed!! I can’t even order beer in English with any certainty. The closest thing we have to a neighborhood pub is now an “alehouse” and has about a million “craft” beers, so I usually just mumble “yeungling” unless I’m feeling like a real ale explorer…

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    1. Ever since the hipsters got involved beer and beards have become way too complex. I remember a time when a beard was just something you put up with because you were too lazy to shave and beer was something you drank because you were thirsty or to ease the pain of existence. Hipsters ruin everything!
      If in doubt I used to just ask for eye-pee-hay and watch them stare despairingly at you.

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