When was the last time you took drugs?

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You mean other than right now?

Oh, you mean those drugs they don’t have at the store? Gotcha.

thagoodiez on flickr
thagoodiez on flickr

I was very open to chemicals at your age, but that’s because I wasn’t interested in caring for myself. I did not even eat in 1981. It was madness.

I remember assuming that I had a future and taking no interest in shaping it. Careening around reacting to things isn’t the best way to get anywhere. Drugs didn’t support anything besides going in circles and doing more drugs.

By using really peculiar reasoning back then, I:

  • Looked around at a lot of adults who had been what I call Social Dosers in the 1960s, and they seemed “okay”
  • Assumed my friends and acquaintances who were using substances knew what they were doing
  • Took for granted that the drugs we used were properly and safety produced
  • Never bothered to look into side effects or dosages but instead relied on rumors

Scare tactics definitely backfire on kids that like to experiment, and since you guys are all little scientists, I did not think I should tell you that pot will make you forget how to use your feet. The first time you walked around high you would know it was a lie. I’ve tried to be as honest as possible with any deterrent facts so that you will recognize them as facts instead of Doobie Monsters.

If you need to medicate yourself, just be cautious, and remember the dose makes the poison. Everyone has undiscovered sensitivities until they have tried absolutely everything. That is to say, you won’t know how it will affect you until you know, so take it easy and tread lightly.

If you want to medicate yourself, think it over. What do you expect to get out of it? If you are avoiding yourself, you’ll still be there when you sober up, so what’s the point?

Just because it’s legal that doesn’t mean it’s safe.

Just because it’s illegal that doesn’t mean it’s fun.

Don’t forget: in your noggin is the only brain you will ever have and you may do irreparable harm by pouring chemicals in and around it.

Now…what was the question?


Waddaya think?

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