What can I do about stinky shoes?

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Simple: stop letting stinky people use your shoes. If you put your shoes away, they are less likely to use your shoes. The stinky-foot bandits do not want to have to find shoes.

msippibelle on flickr
msippibelle on flickr

Once the smell is established, it may be pretty hard to get rid of it. Your feet generate a lot of heat and moisture that are a perfect climate for bacteria such as bacillus leaveusontheporchus. Even though you’re not a teen any more, you have plenty of the swamp foot hormones in your system still, too. Sorry.

Be careful of web advice on this subject. One site recommends filling your shoes with baking soda and then pouring vinegar in them. They do not include step three: run away.

If your shoes are washable, congratulations, wash them. If not, you can put them out in the sun to really dry out. Then try the baking soda, minus any volcano chemistry.

If that still doesn’t do it. Burn them and start over. The shoes, I mean, not the feet.

Prevention is the key, here. Keep your feet clean and dry (use a hairdryer, even), wear socks and use a foot potion that suits your lifestyle.

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