Eleven things you can do when you are so bored

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This is one long summer.

  1. You can make a treasure map or make a treasure and then make a map
  2. Go fishing without any gear
  3. Write a story about heroic ants and then read it to your sister while she screams
  4. Draw a cat face on your face and then pretend you did not
  5. Build a fort out of blankets (no, you are not too old)
  6. Think of ways to convince the neighborhood kids you are a magician
  7. Climb a tree (no, not that tree) and read a book
  8. Teach the cat to walk a plank for food
  9. Figure out the best spot for bat-watching
  10. Create your own superhero costume out of found materials
  11. Water-balloon tag (ambush at your own risk)
amandacbb on flickr
amandacbb on flickr

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