First of all, you are perfect.

Are you sure you want to lose weight?

How are you feeling? Is picking things up off the ground starting to feel like a medal-worthy event? Are your joints aching from pressure? Do you slip into the swimming pool feeling that you have really missed tippy toes? Do people duck when you sneeze?

This morning as I caused treadmill thunder, I thought this might be a good subject to cover, even though no one has asked lately.


I have three basic steps for you.

1. Keep it simple

2. Keep track

3. Keep going

Number one is self explanatory, but let’s give it moment anyway. If you dive into a complex diet that involves juicing 85 pounds of kale, it’s probably not going to work. Try reading labels a bit more and boosting your activity level doing things you enjoy. Pick one or two directions to push yourself at a time and keep it simple.

Record your calories and activities in the easiest way for you. Scribble on your arm, text yourself, use some app –whatever works for you is a good method. If you are going to figure out what is effective as you approach your goals, you’ll need to keep track.

seanrainer on flickr
seanrainer on flickr

Weight loss or weight control is like any other difficult thing, and it does not follow a straight line to success. It gets discouraging. You can expect to have some difficulties, in fact, just plan on it. The important thing is to keep going.

You can do this.


Waddaya think?

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