Because I asked you to do it and because you are probably afraid.

I’ll explain, of course. Most people are motivated to tidy up by fear. Your sister tidies up because she is afraid of bugs.

sophe89 on flickr
sophe89 on flickr

Other people tidy up because they are afraid of germs, stepping on sharp objects, or disguised lava. Most people tidy up because they are afraid of the scorn of others.

I know you’re thinking but your room isn’t perfectly tidy right now. That’s true, and that is because I am an incredibly brave individual.

To some extent, I’m like your uncle who drinks beer while watching instructional videos on nutrition. We all are.

Even if you are beyond caring what the state of your nest broadcasts about your state of mind, you need to be concerned about what all that mess is doing to you. Clutter irritates  your mind. it causes you to lose things that are right there.

Open space on the floor gives you room to dance. Open space on your shelves can hold your imagination.

Also, I will pay you.



4 Replies to “Why should I tidy my room?”

  1. I have a better answer. “…because your Dad said so, that’s why! Now quit arguing and questioning and get to it.”


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