Somebody nailed their South American map, and her name rhymes with Abra-candelabra!! Well done!!

She says that she learned it for a course during which they quizzed on the basic geography until they could label everything. Coincidentally, I recommend this method.

South America by Barbie

So study up, children!! How are you ever going to get on Jeopardy if you don’t know your countries and major features? Hmm?

I can’t find any references on the internet-thing, but the best lecture I ever heard was given by a photographer who went to South America with a group of scientists who were very poorly prepared for the amount of trouble they found.

Their guides were frightened off and left them with no clue where they were or any way to transport all their gear. Rumors of cannibals were included, of course.

It was a terrifying and hilarious story punctuated by vivid descriptions of the desperate meals they fashioned out of humming birds and fish lips. I wish I could remember his name.

Since I can’t, all I have is a link to a list of incredible South America stories, some of them true, some of them on our shelves.

Go on!! This is the best weather for reading about jungles or rivers or mountain tops.


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