Do I really need to wear sunscreen?

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by kirinqueen on flickr

I know there is a steady stream of recommendations that seem like they may just be Jerks Selling Stuff, but sunscreen is a thing you actually need.

You don’t have to BUY goo, either, you could just stay out of the sun during the height of the day (10 am to 4 pm) or wear a hat and cover most of your skin while you’re out there under the big, bright ball. Clothes and umbrellas are sunscreen too.

Most glass is not a sunscreen, obviously. If you don’t believe me, put a colorful piece of paper on your window sill, folded in half with one side in the sun. Check it after a couple of weeks and then explain to me where the color went.

If you’re going to swim in fewer clothes or walk around in sleeveless shirts and other summery stuff, you’ll need to use goo to protect your skin cells. We have a water-resistant, broad spectrum SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 30 in the cupboard, I’m pretty sure. And that is the stuff to use, according to the current confusing science.

It will wash off, so don’t forget to re-apply every couple of whiles.

Sure, you think you’re blackanese, but you still need to beware of the sun, hon.

I have already forgotten again which type of radiation does which kind of damage, but UVB and UVA are both going to hurt your skin over time; one burns your skin and the other just mixes up your DNA until it spells trouble. So use the goo!!
It’s a drag, I know, but so is skin cancer.



2 Replies to “Do I really need to wear sunscreen?”

  1. I know this conversation although over here it isn’t one we have to worry about too often.

    The latest bit of agnotology that is feeding my kids resistance is apparently concerns over allergies. Schools are so paranoid about someone coming out in hives that they don’t like kids running around using sunscreen. I hate it when kids bat back parent answers with dodgy internet logic.


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