If I type “fuck” a lot, should I stop?

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While the very abundant use of “fuck” can be extremely entertaining, I would recommend you save “fuck” for punishing emphasis or the occasional “cunt punt email.”

Gutter tongue alienates people, so until you have a huge fan base, you probably don’t have so many people on your side that you can afford to alienate them with something as easily avoidable rude words.

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Don’t get me wrong, you know I love to cuss like a sailor at times. I also have to admit that we all have a hard time holding it back on occasion. Do you remember when you were little and we called it Grown-up Car Language?

Even if no one is offended, I think that the bigger problem with abusing profanity in writing is that it is too easy. Lazy, really. Finding and stringing words together to arrange the finest language equation is hard, and beautiful, and good for you.

You have to have more in your word bag than seven dirty words.

Now fuck off and write something good!!

2 Replies to “If I type “fuck” a lot, should I stop?”

  1. I remember a day when you were very small and we were riding up Rt 1 in Hyattsville. Some friend cut us off or otherwise conducted themselves badly in the vicinity of my beloved daughter. I responded with the vigorous deployment of the combined form of the F word referring to mothers. My bright and verbal toddler was delighted by the vividness of this expression, and began repeating it at volume. As it happened, we were on the way to her grandparents, whom I did not wish to hear this enrichment of their beloved’s vocabulary. The powers above, however, said to protect children and drunks [categories well represented in our family] saw to it that you rendered this new verbal toy as “fuggamudder.” In this form, the offending word was gibberish to the innocent ear, and I was safe for another day.

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