A tip for moms with too many kids and too few tools

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I can’t find my nail clippers.

This is very unusual, but I guess I was asking for it.

I’ve been sloppy on my technique and this is the price.

olayabalcells on flickr

For years now I have used a method to insure that I never have to call an inquisition to find a pair of working tweezers or a hammer or scissors or a flashlight or anything else that would cause me to get mad enough to interrogate all the children in my soundsphere.

The best part is that even though the children are wise to the technique it still works, since it is founded on their natural laziness and optimism.

I use decoys.

Any child will take the first pair of scissors found, even if it’s not the sharpest pair, because they instantly convince themselves that they can make it work well enough. Optimism.

They know I have better tools, probably in the very back of the same drawer, but they will not go to the extra trouble to dig them out. Laziness.

It is soooo groovy when psychology is our friend.

Now, if those nail clippers should somehow appear back in place sometime today, I won’t lift the fingerprints.


[reposted because this deleted itself while I was “fixing” the photofeedthingy.]

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