Why do they keep talking about how we’re cooking the Earth? I don’t want to cook the Earth!

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I’m not qualified to say that Global Warming is a real man-made cataclysm of your future–I say “your future” because I don’t expect it to do much to mess up my climate. Heck, I’ll be happy if I don’t have to migrate to Florida when I’m old and rheumy. Florida will come to me. Kewl.

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Anyway, lots of world governments get together regularly to talk about it, and it’s usually more newsworthy around here to discuss who didn’t show up and who left early and flew home without agreeing to anything.

Sometimes I read stories about how much other people in other countries believe that the bigger countries are ruining the world climate for everyone.  Naturally, this makes the big countries cranky about the subject and they get into prolonged arguments.  You’ve seen the same thing with your sisters, I know.

I’m not sure if they have exactly these kind of debates in other countries, but here, the teevee people spend time on discussions about whether or not global warming is really happening and whether or not people cause it by polluting the air.  I usually feel that these teevee debates are unhelpful, because the people with real strong opinions tend to outweigh the real scientists. Literally, pound for pound.

Anyway, all that is mostly beside the point.  No matter what a person’s opinion is of “so-called Global Warming” or “Actually Happening and Terrifying Global Warming,” who could honestly say that working as a planet to keep the world more hospitable to all its residents is a bad thing? It’s an actual no-brainer, in that life forms with no brain will totally agree that it’s not a bad idea at all.

So, now that that’s settled, I can answer your question.  The reason that THEY keep talking about Global Warming is that it is, no matter your opinions, a scary idea.  Scary ideas get people scared enough to do things, including things like donating money to people who want to try to make things less scary.

That’s one of the amazing things about scaring people.  Frightened folks won’t even hold out to find people who can prove that they will fix the scary thing, all the other people have to do is really want to try.

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American people, in particular will give and give of their time, toys, energy, cookies and money to other people who really want to try to fix scary stuff.

That’s why I have decided that the War On Hunger needs a new slogan: Hunger is Contagious and You Are Already Fat.

I think I could get funding from Obesity Warriors too!!

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