Why shouldn’t I be impatient when you forget things?

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Puleez!!  Try to bear in mind that at any given time, I am feeling somewhat guilty about forgetting something for you.  When you are irritated that I forgot to call to make an appointment for me to transport you to (and pay for) your haircut, you might remember that I’m forgetting even more serious things at the very same time.

That particular day, I was also not-quite unconscious of having not made arrangements for your sister to have several teeth pulled.

Even you cannot argue that an extraction is less serious–after all, hair grows back and requires no anesthesia.

I know you take your hair seriously, and I’m sorry that it went that way.

The next bit may seem like even more minimization, and I’ll apologize in advance for mentioning that I counted, and I had twenty-seven other tasks of equal or greater import that day.

So, as I used to say to y’all when you were smaller: if you get impatient with me, ask what you can do to nudge the job along.  That’s so much nicer than nagging and guilting, isn’t it?
Today is a Good Day

You’re only going to get more impatient with all of us geezers, ya know.

Waddaya think?

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