Installing a swimming pool?? But I want to go to college!!

Oh please!! College is still years away for you, but a pool could be here by summer!! Wouldn’t you like to fill out financial aid applications by the pool? Isn’t that what’s GREAT about this country, after all?

Are you SURE you want to go to college? Personally, I think you could spend the next few years beefing up your conviction about that, young lady.

Basically, there are three kinds of college students. First the kind of students who are serious about their choices and muscle through to get a degree regardless of the school, conditions or cost. Then there are the Goldilocks students who spend a few thousand dollars to figure out that college doesn’t suit them and is only a chafing barrier to their joy and creativity before wandering off (like me!). Third are the students who are very very similar to the Goldilocks except that they have spent oodles of money in order to learn the same thing and they do not complete college either.

trois-tetes on flickr

After that, all the Goldilocks and the Goldi-Goldilocks spend time doing other things until they realize that those around them are not having more joy and creativity, but that some people definitely have less debt and doubt.

Don’t you envy those kids who have known for their entire lives that they want to be competitive Zamboni drivers? I know I did.

What if you choose decisively to target a career and you end up finding that it is too big or too soft or has porridge in it that’s just too hot?


You really want an answer to that one?

The thing is this: if you don’t pick something, something will pick you. The odds that the career that you stumble into will be loaded up with that joy and creativity stuffing are on the slim side of dismal.

It can still work out. You may learn to chuckle through adversity, make your own harmless fun and decide that enjoying your work was simply not your destiny, of course.

But it could be your destiny to try lots of things on for size and then choose one that’s just right.

Waddaya think?

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