Why do I have to bring boyfriends home to meet you?

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Apart from the obvious–we need that chance to make fun of you and humiliate your date–you  might be able to imagine some other reasons.

Think it over.

Maybe it’s just curiousity that would make us insist on an inspection.

I quite honestly have no idea what sort of young fella you would be inclined to spend time with.

Anything, quite literally, is possible.

You’d have to be clubbing in Barcelona to meet up with the specimens here.  Which is at least as far-fetched in my mind as having you actually date someone yet.

I know it hurts, but we have very little to go on so far, so please forgive us for our skepticism in your taste.  There is always the miniscule chance that you would bring home a dangerously talented young man who could fool us for a while into believing that he was going to look out for you.

More likely some jerks will refuse to come in claiming that they are afraid of Daddy, when really they are too lazy to do the right thing and at least try to convince us that you would be safe in their company.

I’m sure you’ll be able to work it all out, in spite of us, honey.

Waddaya think?

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