Why do I have Eddie Murphy in my dreams?

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It seems you are not quite alone.

This took a little doing to verify, since googling it up one gets about 85 zillion entries for Eddie Murphy related to “Dreamgirls” so I had to filter through to find another Eddie Murphy dreamer.

As an aside, if you want to weed out your search, little one, you can add the advanced option “-girls” to remove the references to “dream girls” and you can put Eddie’s name in quotation marks to expunge all those annoying rosters and death notices that come up under nearly any name.

Fine tuned, the search hit upon a baffling blogger named Doug, who has not only dreamed of Eddie Murphy, but has recorded it [this link is sadly broken now in 2019, but there’s a wayback glimpse].  Doug has recorded several dream entries titled things like “Indians and Cheese” but  none of the others are about Eddie Murphy.  I hope Doug’s okay.  He hasn’t posted any entries in awhile.  Go, Doug go! Flesh out those dream entries into something wacky, with cheese!! 
from cracked.com

A second hit began to grab my attention when I saw the blogger had dreamed of the KKK, but Eddie Murphy was not actually in the dream. The Klanners weren’t doing anything except getting dressed.  Sigh.  No bugs.  No shooting.

It turns out that Eddie has dreams too — he always wanted to play a Vulcan, so he turned down the chance to play a “jive dude” in a Star Trek picture.  Understandable.  Why settle for human characters when you don’t absolutely have to?

Last ditch, I googled “eddie murphy” bugs control shoots since you said that the dream involved bugs that crept inside people and controlled them until Eddie Murphy showed up and started shooting them.


We have The Adventures of Pluto Nash, which was apparently the most silently detested movie of 2002.

Now I happen to know that due to the formation of your neural memory highways, you don’t remember 2002, so we may just have to rent this one and see how bad it really is.

I believe that this will exorcise your Eddie Murphy dreams, and if it doesn’t at least you’ll get some popcorn.


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