Why won’t daddy fix the water heater?

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Daddy will not fix the water heater because the fixing time has not arrived yet.

This gives us a wonderful anthropological opportunity to see perfectionist procrastination in action.  You see, the water heater may not be worthy of repair, and the perfect water heater may present itself at any time. Or it may be that the replacement of the water heater is a destined increment in the eventual course of installing solar panels and optimizing the use of both heat and water in our midst.

This is not intented to pick on Daddy specifically, hon.  We all have these tendencies to try to wait for favorable winds, lucky star alignments or messages in our salsa to move ahead with some projects.  It’s human nature, I bet.


The defect in the water heater is a minor thing, something to do with thermostats and switches that causes the somewhat random and urgent pressing of the button.

Without the button we would be just ordinary, heedless consumers of hot water.  With it, we are given a sense of adventure and even power over our utilities.

Everything will be fine.   Just wait and keep pressing the button.

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